Car Alignment in Plano TX

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One of the features of a routine maintenance check is a look at the wheel alignment of your vehicle. Marlow Automotive provides expert vehicle car alignment whether you’ve purchased new tires or need a wheel alignment and tire rotation.

Remember: A set of new tires doesn’t automatically mean those tires are balanced when they are installed on your vehicle. Getting this service reduces the wear and tear you’ll experience on your vehicle. Here’s what you need to know about wheel alignment:

When Does My Car Need Alignment or Tire Balancing?

You may have unevenly worn tires if you haven’t had balancing performed in a while. Constant pulling to the side when you drive your car is a sign the wheel alignment on your car is probably causing some damage to the tires too.

When you buy new tires, it’s a good idea to get them checked and balanced at the same time. Further, tires need to be rechecked after six months or about 5,000 miles with a vehicle alignment during each check.

Why Should You Get a Plano Car Alignment?

Misaligned tires can wear out extraordinarily fast. Since you’ve probably paying more than $100 per tire, that’s a lot of money to lose if one of the tires blows out or is worn so severely it must be replaced after a few thousand miles. Further, it’s not just the tires that can wear out when your front end wheel alignment isn’t handled regularly. The suspension of your car or truck can experience extra wear and the steering may also see eventual problems develop.

Over time, even a well-balanced vehicle will fall out of alignment, so it’s best to deal with the alignment cost early. Otherwise, you may have to get work done on other parts of the car because you drove it while it was poorly aligned or unbalanced.

Consider getting a wheel alignment regularly to ensure a long life-span for your car. Don’t risk low MPG, wear and tear on your car, and unexpected maintenance trips. Let Marlow Automotive take care of your car alignment and balancing.