Clutch Repair nearby Plano, TX

Clutch Repair Service - Marlow Automotive

We all wish that car clutches would last forever, but reality is that they do wear out after the accumulation of high miles. In most cities, stop and go driving can wear down the facings on the clutch disk and create issues with shifting. Whether it’s clutch slipping, gear grinding, or a mushy pedal; Marlow’s is here to help with your clutch repair.

Clutch Repair & Service

What is Included:

The services provided will vary depending on the severity of the problem, but a typical clutch service may include:

  • Replacing the pressure plate
  • Changing the clutch disk
  • Swap out the throwout bearing
  • Resurfacing or replacing the fly wheel
  • Exchange any worn out hydraulic parts

Warning Signs

  • Clutch pedal releases higher than normal
  • Slipping and/or burning smell while accelerating from a stop
  • Grinding while trying to shift into different gears
  • A soft or “mushy” clutch pedal
  • Possible clutch hydraulic fluid loss