Starter Repair & Battery Replacement in Plano, TX

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Starter Repair nearby Plano, TX

Starter Repair nearby Plano, TX

Hundreds of parts, pieces of machinery, and electronic gadgets work together in your vehicle, and a broken starter will stop your car in its tracks. If your car doesn’t start, there are a few things that could be causing the problem. A broken starter could be to blame, or your battery could be dead. The efficient techs at Marlow Automotive can quickly diagnose your vehicle’s problem and work on a solution.

What are the Symptoms of a Bad Starter?

It’s easy to assume you need starter repair if you can’t start your car, but there could be a few issues at work. For example, you might have a bad alternator. The alternator charges your battery as you drive. When the alternator stops functioning, your battery dies, and your car stalls or won’t start the next time you try to drive somewhere. If the alternator is working, your battery could also be dead. After a while, batteries simply don’t hold a charge anymore, and they’re not powerful enough to provide your car with the “juice” it needs to run. Fortunately, battery replacement is a straightforward task that we can complete quickly.

If it turns out your battery is fine, and your alternator is working well, too, your starter could be the culprit. Here are a few things you could see with a bad starter:

  • The engine turns over (starts) slowly
  • Nothing happens when you turn the key
  • The vehicle clicks or clunks because of a bad solenoid

Even if you’re experiencing one of these symptoms, your problem could be as simple as dirty terminals leading to the battery or a bad connection somewhere.

Getting Your Car Repaired in Plano

Have you ever seen someone get their vehicle pushed by some friends and the engine fires up? In a manual transmission car, you can actually start a car by rolling it down a hill, even if it doesn’t have a starter. However, this method probably isn’t the most efficient when you don’t have a group of friends at your back, a hill, and a manual transmission vehicle. Getting your starter fixed, battery replaced, or the alternator repaired is going to be your best bet. Can’t get your car started? Call 972-633-1299 for immediate service. We can complete a battery replacement or alternator repair quickly and get you on your way, fast.