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brake repair service near me

brake repair service near me

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If you are looking for reliable brake repair service nearby in Plano, TX bring your vehicle to Marlow Automotive. With over a decade of service to the community, we have worked hard to gain a great reputation for being dependable, friendly, honest and efficient. Timely brake repair and maintenance is not only important for your safety but the safety of others as well. Because your safety is important to us when you bring your vehicle in for service we will also complete a complimentary 38-point safety inspection. You can trust that when your car is serviced at Marlow’s that you are driving off with dependable repairs and that your car is safe and roadworthy.

Are there Warning Signals

There are warning signals that will alert you of necessary brake repair and if caught early you can avoid costly repairs. These early warning signals’ come in two forms, physical and audible, and some cannot be heard over your radio or air conditioner. Therefore, it is important to stop and listen to how your car sounds when braking every so often. Regardless of warning signals, we suggest you have your brakes inspected at least every other oil change. You also should consider where you drive most often; if you drive in stop and go traffic you may need to replace your pads more often. Depending on the quality of brake pads, you will need to have then replaced every 20,000 to 60.000 miles.

Warnings Signs

Below I have listed some common warning signals. If you are experiencing any of the following schedule an appointment sooner rather than later.

High Pitched Squealing Noise: Inside your brake pad is a small metal wear indicator. The indicator is exposed when your pads are running dangerously thin. This early warning signal is there to give you advanced notice before a problem occurs. When you hear this noise, you should inspect the width of your pad and make an appointment to have them replaced soon.

Grinding Noise: If you hear a loud grinding noise when you brake it isn’t good. This is a sign that you have completely worn through your pads. The noise is created by metal on metal contact. When this happens, you run the risk of damaging your rotors and it is advisable to have your brakes repaired immediately.

Spongy Brakes: Spongy brakes feel just how they sound when pressed. Your stopping distance is increased and you may have to press the brakes harder than usual. The most common reason for this is air in the brake fluid line. Unless there is a hole in the line, this can usually be corrected through a process called “bleeding” which eliminates the air in the line.

Schedule Brake Repair Today

Marlow Automotive in Plano, TX is your one stop brake repair shop nearby. Why go to any other brake service near me? Every your vehicle is serviced with us we will provide you with a free 38-point safety inspection and car wash. That is just one-way go the extra mile for our customers. Stop by anytime, call or schedule service online and see what a difference Marlow’s can make.